Rachel Friend Boulder City Council

Boulder's best days lie ahead

Attorney Educator Activist

Why I am running

Boulder’s Best Days Lie Ahead

I am passionate about local politics, and seek to make positive contributions to the city I love and proudly call home. Even though we are living through some trying times, both locally and nationally, I am committed to ensuring that we come out the other side of our current struggles better than we went in.

To get there on the local level, Boulder needs leaders who will embrace and emphasize facts, data, and transparency. Issues ranging from housing opportunities to flood mitigation to 5G tech all require us to face facts head on.

We are at a historic crossroads in terms of our global climate crisis and our country’s social justice inequities. Remarkably, though, we are also in a time of unprecedented awareness around these issues, and we are fortunate to live in a community that is collaborative and innovative in problem-solving. I am running for City Council because I believe we can turn our problems into opportunities.

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Top 3 Issues

There are a lot of important issues and challenges facing Boulder. These 3 are the most important to me.

Embracing facts and data

I believe in facing facts, without having preconceived notions of where you want them to lead you, and making decisions that are data-driven and maximize community benefit.

Social Justice

The City of Boulder is in a unique position to lead the nation on some crux social justice issues, including racial profiling and homelessness. I favor Boulder not settling for status quo responses.

Flood Mitigation

Boulder City Council has left 3500 people sitting in harm's way from South Boulder Creek flooding for far too long. The Boulder Valley Comp Plan and CU South Guiding Principles set forth a workable path to mitigate the Creek. We simply need to get back onto the viable path, and then expedite implementation.