Housing, transportation, and the environment are inextricably intertwined. Smart, sensible housing planning, and reduced reliance on single occupancy vehicles, is the wave of the future.  I favor Boulder riding the top of that wave, rather than watching it pass us by. Electric cars are great (and, to be sure, fun to drive)!  But they’re not really the wave we need. Ditching cars, investing in public transit, and moving towards truly green homes – that’s the wave I want to ride. 

Recent estimates project that we have some 12 years to save our planet from climate catastrophe.  This means that aspirational or baby-steps won’t cut it any more.  Most of us have cheered Greta Thunberg (Go Greta!) and raised our fist at the federal government for not doing more.  But retweeting Greta and cursing DC won’t create change. Boulder must lead on resiliency solutions and finding the most environmental path forward.