I started representing detained asylum seekers in 2018, in response to our national lack of compassion for fellow humans seeking sanctuary.  The collective clamoring for a wall, to block those in need from receiving desperately needed help, conflicts with my core beliefs. Our country is not too “full” to respond with compassion on a national level; likewise, I believe Boulder is not too “full” to respond with compassion on the local level. We have community members who are direly in need of homes they can afford, and I favor solutions that are compassionate and data-driven.

Towards that end, I support: 

-Tiny homes, ADUs, and subdivided properties where appropriate (for example, on larger lots)
-Rezoning and incentivizing housing in industrial zones
-Accelerating housing availability along transit corridors with opportunities at places such as Alpine Balsam and Diagonal Plaza
-Cooperating with CU to provide housing for upper-class students and staff at CU South
-Amending zoning ordinances to allow for maximally environmental and equitable housing opportunities, in consultation with staff, experts, and our community

Fostering compassion and inviting creative problem-solving is the best thing we can do for solving our housing issues.  It’s also in line with the current Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan, which you can check out here.