Open Space

Boulder’s Open Space serves 2 vital purposes:  conservation, and recreation. A remarkable 8% of our annual budget goes towards Open Space – a testament to Boulder’s commitment to, and love of, Open Space.  Conservation, play, and recreation go to the very core of Boulder’s identity.  Remarkably, when we and our families interact with our trails, we become more invested in caring for and preserving the land. So perhaps counter-intuitively, by promoting use, we promote conservation. 

Boulder has over 46,000 acres of Open Space including 155 miles of trails. About 30% of our Open Space is leased out for agricultural use (check out the cutting edge agricultural-carbon sequestration projects going on right here in Boulder!).   Boulder needs to continue to care for the Open Space we have, as good stewards of the land, and to make adequate acreage accessible for recreation.  Check out our current OSBT Draft Master Plan for yourself.