Long term, our worldwide goal needs to be moving away from single occupancy vehicle trips, as this reduces both traffic congestion and carbon emissions. We are more likely to ditch our cars if we live closer to the places we are going, and if alternative modes of transportation are handy and affordable. To achieve our overall transportation goals of protecting lives, improving safety, reducing traffic, reducing carbon emissions, and reaching our  Vision Zero targets, Boulder needs:

-Solid first/last mile solutions to make mass transit work better
-Lower speed limits
-To incentivize alternatives to SOVs via solutions like subsidizing e-bikes, electric scooters, and /or RTD passes
-To better protect those who are already bike-commuting. Bike accidents are particularly catastrophic, so this means fully protected bike lanes, not mere lines that cars can easily drift across. 

You can see Boulder’s 2014 Transportation Master Plan (though an update is currently underway), here.